The investment team at John Bridgeman Limited comprises a number of experienced investment professionals made up of derivatives and equities specialists with expertise in Australian and global markets.

Our Board

Stuart McAuliffe

Stuart McAuliffe BA MEd Grad Dip Legal Studies


Stuart has over 25 years' experience investing in global equity, bond, currency and commodity markets. He has pioneered innovative research into the correlation and causation between different global equity and currency markets over short, medium and long term time periods. As the senior executive responsible for investments, he uses a 'layered' approach combining multiple time frame fundamental analysis with short term technical trading patterns to maximise returns while managing risk.

Stuart has been involved in two successful initial public offerings over the past two years, raising more than $6 million for NSX listed John Bridgeman Limited (NSX: JBL), and over $15 million for ASX listed Henry Morgan Limited (ASX: HML), as well as undertaking several capital raisings for unlisted companies.

He has been managing director of ASX listed Henry Morgan Limited (ASX: HML) since the company was admitted to the ASX in February 2016. Henry Morgan Limited is an ASX listed investment company, which is open for investment by both retail and wholesale investors through the purchase of its shares. The objective of the company is to provide its shareholders with moderate to high portfolio appreciation over the long-term by taking advantage of imbalances in global market valuations through the active management of investments in global exchange traded futures contracts including equity market indices, currency and interest rate futures.

Stuart believes that great investment decisions are derived from an in-depth understanding of historical forces. Stuart's undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Arts from University of Queensland with a double major in modern history and a major in ancient history. Courses focused on military strategy including the campaigns of Julius Caesar, Napoleon and General George Patton, and he credits this early training as the basis for his innovative future strategies and tactics in investment markets.

As an Associate Professor at Bond University, Stuart has lectured nationally and internationally in the fields of economic forecasting, valuation modelling, financial structures and risk management. His specialisations included the short to long term effects of central bank policy and the pricing of extreme valuations at market peaks and troughs.

Stuart McAulife has been a Director of BHD since September 2016 and was appointed Managing Director on 24 October 2018, having held the role of Chairman of BHD from February 2017 to October 2018. 



Peter Aardoom

Peter Aardoom


Peter Aardoom was appointed as a Non-executive Director in February 2017.

Peter is a highly skilled and experienced financial markets executive. He has excellent technical skills and in-depth knowledge of equity, debt, commodity, foreign exchange and fixed income markets. He has over 30 years' experience in Australian and international equity and derivatives broking and trading, portfolio management, general corporate and financial advisory services, and company promotion.

Peter commenced his career in Rotterdam in the physical energy markets with Petroned, a subsidiary of Vitol Trading. With the expansion of the oil futures markets, he moved to London to further his career with Itochu and Shearson Lehman Hutton where he worked on one of the largest oil trading desks in the world, servicing predominantly US hedge funds.

Since then, Peter has held multiple senior positions with some of the largest international and Australian financial services companies in the world, including Lehman Brothers, Bell Commodities, Ord Minnett Jardine Fleming, JP Morgan and MF Global, and has built and managed successful and professional teams within these organisations.

In more recent years, Peter was the Brisbane manager of Aliom Pty Ltd, a derivatives investment, broking and trading company which managed Aliom Managed Futures Fund No. 1. In the past 18 months, he has been involved in general corporate activity, capital raising, and the successful listings of John Bridgeman Limited and Henry Morgan Limited.

Peter is RG146 qualified to deal in and give advice on securities, derivatives, managed funds and foreign exchange and holds various UK industry qualifications. His extensive network provides access to fund managers, institutions, local and international broking firms and high net worth individuals. His experience extends to institutional investor presentations, marketing, and promotion.

Peter is currently a director of JB Markets, a financial services company operating as a securities and derivatives broker and dealer for wholesale and retail clients. As director and responsible manager, he has direct responsibility for all day to day business decisions about the provision of financial services by the company.


Bryan Cook


Bryan has extensive operational, leadership and strategic experience built over 24 years in private and public companies. He has a track record of implementing tailored and robust compliance cultures across a range of different environments.

Bryan holds qualifications in investigations, human resources and training and is a member of, amongst others, the Australasian Association of Workplace Investigators and the Corruption Prevention Network Queensland.


Please Refer to Section 6.1 of the Prospectus lodged with ASIC on the 15th of March 2017 as amended by the Replacement Prospectus dated 29 March 2017 and available through this website for further information